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Go on Gold

Go ON Gold is a national campaign to raise awareness about the barriers faced by disabled people in accessing modern technologies, from the internet to smartphones and digital TV – and to help break those barriers down, and help everyone design and build more accessible services.

The campaign, which is currently in its legacy-building stage, has worked through partnership of a network of organisations led by the new national digital inclusion charity Go ON UK, with funding from Nominet Trust.

Our 18-month project was launched around the time of the London Paralympics, capitalising on high media and public interest in disability issues, but is also set to build awareness beyond 2013 in partnership with the One Voice for Accessible ICT Coalition.

For more information on our legacy and on how to access valuable resources for individuals and organisations, see:


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Texthelp Ltd - BrowseAloud

BrowseAloud extends the government’s digital-by-default agenda to an additional 20% of the population by removing the barriers faced when interacting online. These barriers include language difficulties and print disabilities such as dyslexia, mild visual impairments, cognitive disorders and where English is not the native language (a growing proportion of the UK population).

More than 7,000 websites are using BrowseAloud to ensure the hardest to reach citizens are not left behind during the government’s digital revolution.  BrowseAloud reduces the cost of citizen interaction and allows citizens and government staff alike to be more productive. It promotes social inclusion and personal empowerment within the community; putting the citizen’s needs first.

For more information on BrowseAloud, contact us on:
Tel: +44 (0)28 9442 8105
Email: info@browsealoud.com
Web: www.browsealoud.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BrowseAloud
Twitter: www.twitter.com/BrowseAloud


Digital Accessibility Centre

The Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) is a not-for-profit social enterprise, working with organisations to help ensure their digital products are accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability. We employ a team of testers, all of whom are people with disabilities, whose work is an integral part of our audit and accreditation services. We build and test websites, internal applications, mobile sites. We also test gaming platforms and digital TV interfaces.

Our service is robust, transparent, and excellent value for money. Clients are encouraged to spend the day with our team at our test lab in South Wales to familiarise them with real life use of assistive technologies.

DAC are the creators of the new accessibility maintenance tool AccessIn:



Microlink is Europe’s largest multi-award winning supplier of Assistive Technology and inclusivity solutions. Since 1992 we have been pioneers of the inclusivity industry, with our multi-award winning services supporting businesses and individuals in education and work environments.

Our pioneering work has been recognised through awards including, most recently, the Business Disability Forum's best SME 2012, Disability Champion 2012 and the Disability Standard award 2012, where we were valued amongst FTSE 100 organisations. We were also awarded first place in the Springboard Consulting Groups Disability Matters Europe Award 2012.

We have provided our bespoke solutions to support over 200,000 individuals in higher education and the workplace to achieve their true potential. We continue to provide our multi-award winning end-to-end Reasonable Adjustment solutions to a growing number of the largest Public and Private sector employers in the world, allowing them to become confident in supporting their existing and future employees who work with disabilities.

Follow us on Twitter @microlinkpc



Recite is an online system that allows any website to become accessible to users with visual impairments or dyslexia. Recite acts as a translation layer, intercepting websites online in accessible formats. It repackages them and adds disability functions from text-to-speech, high contrast colour schemes, enlarging words through to dictionary and thesaurus definitions.

All this information is sent to the user's browser in an easily accessible format. This happens immediately and online with no software to install, hence instant access and usability on any computer for any website.

The solution provided by Recite is web-based, so any user can get the benefit on any PC, no matter where they are and without having to upload special software.




Siteimprove provides organisations of all shapes and sizes with smart web tools that make website management and maintenance both easier and more affordable. These include Quality Assurance, Accessibility, Analytics, SEO and Response solutions.

Siteimprove has a global presence with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK and US. The company proudly serves more than 1,500 organisations worldwide.

For more information on Siteimprove contact us on:
Tel: +44 (0)845 226 8050
Email: info@siteimprove.co.uk
Web: www.siteimprove.co.uk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/SiteimproveUK
Blog: http://siteimprove.co.uk/blog

Partners and supporters


Ability Magazine

Ability magazine is a campaigning publication for people who have difficulty using IT. It is aimed at those who buy, run and use accessible systems. Each issue of Ability magazine provides vital insight into the products, techniques and skills required to deliver systems for users who cannot use standard software and hardware.

Originally published by the British Computer Society's Disability Group, Ability magazine circulates to users, IT managers, human resources professionals and those who work in the disability field.

Ability aims to keep readers up-to-date on trail blazing user projects, product releases, regulatory changes and company news. Its features section contains valuable case studies, discussions of technical issues, product reviews and analysis of the latest trends in accessibility.


Business Disability Forum

Business Disability Forum is a not-for-profit member organisation that makes it easier and more rewarding to do business with and employ disabled people.

We have more than 20 years' experience of working with public and private sector organisations, formerly as the Employers’ Forum on Disability. Our members employ almost 20% of the UK workforce and, together, we seek to remove the barriers between public and private organisations and disabled people. We are a key stakeholder for both business and government. We have contributed to the establishment and development of meaningful disability discrimination legislation in the UK.  

Business Disability Forum provides pragmatic support by sharing expertise, giving advice, providing training and facilitating networking opportunities. This helps organisations become fully accessible to disabled customers and employees.



BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving the needs of customers in the UK and in more than 170 countries worldwide. Our main activities are the provision of fixed-line services, broadband, mobile and TV products and services as well as networked IT services.

In the UK we sell products and services to consumers, small and medium sized enterprises and the public sector. We also sell wholesale products and services to communications providers in the UK and around the world. Globally, we supply managed networked IT services to multinational corporations, domestic businesses and national and local government organisations.

For more information on BT visit http://www.btplc.com

  E-Access Bulletin

E-Access Bulletin

E-Access Bulletin is the world's leading email newsletter on all issues surrounding access to technology by people with disabilities.

All our content is newly researched and written or commissioned by journalists at the bulletin's publisher Headstar. The newsletter is emailed out in plain text format, with all formatting designed to be easy to read by the text-to-speech and text-to-Braille technology used by many blind people.

If you would like to subscribe to our free monthly bulletin, please email us at eab-subs@headstar.com adding "subscribe to eab" in the subject header.


Meerkat Web Services

Established in 2000 (many years before the phrase "simples"), Meerkat provides high quality web site design and consultancy services for small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organisations. Responsible for the development and content management of the ecaccess 11 website, their portfolio includes projects for clients such as the Employers' Forum on Disability and Kate Nash Associates.


One Voice for Accessible ICT Coalition

The One Voice for Accessible ICT Coalition brings together like-minded organisations to act together with shared values and common goals to further the awareness, implementation and delivery of accessible ICT for the benefit of all. The Coalition acts as a facilitator between all members, working to an agreed agenda that is set by the members and providing a mechanism to share information.

The aim of the Coalition is to promote the take-up, usage and availability of accessible ICT. We achieve this through the following activities:

  • Campaigning to increase awareness of ICT accessibility issues, influencing providers of goods and services to make their products and services accessible and usable
  • Promotion of what already exists to help disabled users with technology
  • Professionalism which aims to establish accessibility as an integral part of training provided to IT and associated professionals.