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. . . technology for a better society

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. . . technology for a better society

Headstar is an innovative publishing and events company focused on the use of computing, the internet, mobile phones and all forms of digital communications to improve government, democracy and society. We publish two market-leading email newsletters, E-Government Bulletin on the use of ICT to modernise public services ('e-government') and improve democracy ('e-democracy'); and E-Access Bulletin on access to technology by blind people and people with other disabilities. Both publications carry independent news and feature reporting of the highest quality, and are completely free to receive.

We run a series of conferences and events on technology and social issues including Future Democracy; Building Perfect Council Websites (in partnership with the public sector Society of IT Management, Socitm); and e-Access (in partnership with the OneVoice for Accessible ICT Coalition).

Other areas of work include running or helping to run online debates, consultation and discussion; and research and consultancy in all our areas of expertise.

We also work for the Parliamentary IT Committee (PITCOM), a joint Parliamentary and technology industry body, producing their official meeting reports and briefings on key technology policy issues for MPs and Peers.

Use this site to find out more, and if you cannot quickly and easily find the information you need please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0)1883 333 193.

You can email us on or click here for more contact details.

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E-Access 15: Ninth annual pioneering event set for 24 Feb

eAccess 15 is the latest edition of the UKs leading annual conference on access to computers, the internet, apps and all new digital technologies and services by people with disabilities.

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