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Accessibility of this site

The team behind this web site hope that whoever needs to use it, can do so easily.

If you do have problems, or would like to make any suggestions to improve the site from an accessibility point of view, please get in touch with us. Tell to us about the problem or idea and we will listen.

Access keys

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How to use access keys

  • If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, 6 or 7 on a PC, press 'alt' and the access key character at the same time, then press the enter key
  • For Mozilla and Firefox on a PC, use the alt key with the access key character
  • If you are using an Apple Macintosh (any modern browser), press ctrl and the access key character at the same time


We have made every effort to ensure this web site is easily readable using 'plain english'. In addition, we have ensured that the design of this web site is not an obstacle to its usability and readability.

The 'high contrast' option provides a plain text alternative to every page on this web site.

In addition, we have minimised the use of Javascript to almost zero, to ensure that all browsing media and devices are able to access the information on this site with ease.

The site is also designed to be easily printable - providing a simple, text based output onto paper.

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