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Online debates, consultation and 'Virtual Think-Tanks'

The key to successful online discussion and debate

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Headstar is a global pioneer of online consultation and debate, pioneering the concept of 'virtual think-tanks' on topics ranging from the development of a global digital economy to the future of health care.

Online forums and discussion groups are not just about technology. Although it is important to get the technology right, that is the easy part, the enabler. Successful online discussion is about creating the right pre-debate materials, reaching the right people, explaining properly how to take part, making the web sites easy to understand and use, stimulating the debate and managing the process continually when it goes live, and afterwards using editorial skills to edit, distil and summarise what went on, before communicating it back to participants.

Through research with many hundreds of previous debate participants, Headstar has built up detailed knowledge of what kind of help and guidance people need to take part in online debate.

We can help devise, host and manage debates for organisations from beginning to end; or simply advise you on how to ensure that your own online forums, debates or communities are a superb success.

For more information please telephone Dan Jellinek on 01273 267172. Or see below for a link to examples of some of our previous online events.

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