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The Headstar blogs

'E-Government Bulletin Live' and 'E-Access Bulletin Live'

Headstar's interactive news and comment site 'E-Access Bulletin Live' allow people to comment on recent stories published in E-Access Bulletin.

The sites - reachable using the link to the top right of this web pages - focus on our main area of analysis: access to technology by people with disabilities.

Our specialist journalists post up many of our newsletter news stories plus other content exclusive to the website. After that, it is over to you! Anyone will be able to post comments or responses to anything appearing on this site.

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E-Access 15: Ninth annual pioneering event set for 24 Feb

eAccess 15 is the latest edition of the UKs leading annual conference on access to computers, the internet, apps and all new digital technologies and services by people with disabilities.

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