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Online debates, consultation and 'Virtual Think-Tanks'

Examples of Past Online Debates

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Some of the more high profile debates staged by Headstar include:

• The RFID Online Summit (, an international online forum held in September 2006 to debate the potential of radio tag technology in a wide range of sectors from supermarkets to libraries and airlines. The technology's original inventor and patent-holder Mario Cardullo took part, as did more than 100 business executives from companies including Virgin Airlines, Waitrose Supermarkets, Goodyear Tires and Microsoft. A detailed report was produced following the Summit.

• Click, debate, connect (, the UK's largest virtual think-tank. This Headstar-designed and hosted site ran a series of online debates from 2002 on how modern public and private sector organisations will have to adapt to survive in the information age, and on flexible working practices. These debates were produced with backing from BT. Three government ministers have taken part.

• We advised the UK government's Department for Education and Skills on how to design, promote, moderate and analyse online debates within their national 'Teachernet' portal for secondary school teachers in the UK ( The site subsequently won first prize in the Government Internet Forum's annual web awards.

• In 2000 Headstar hosted its first global virtual debate, 'Boosting the Net Economy' (, in association with Bull Information Systems. Senior figures from all continents took part including the former World Bank Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz and the then Chair of the Council of EU Technology Ministers Jose Mariano Gago of Portugal. A full report of that event can be downloaded for free online at:

For more information on Headstar's online debate, consultation and discussion work please telephone Dan Jellinek on 01273 267172.

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