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Writing for the Web - EGB Reader Discounts

**E-Government Bulletin Reader Discounts**

Do you want to improve the standard of writing and providing content for your website, across the entire organisation?
E-Government Bulletin is pleased to announce a partnership with Writing for the Web to provide an online 'e-learning' source allowing everyone at your organisation to do just that, at their own pace. has trained more than 30 councils and run scores of government in-house courses on clear, effective web writing that communicates with a broad audience, avoids jargon and engages citizens strongly and directly.

Classroom training can be costly and hard to organise, but using this online course of ten 30-minute lessons, accessed at individual staff members' convenience over a total live period of 30 days (starting from a date of your choice), costs can be cut to as little as £100 a person.

For example, train 50 people or more across your organisation gain access to this course at just £100 per person - saving £2,250 on the list price.

To previewand to learn more about the course go

Individual places can be purchased at £135 each (normal cost £145). Toarrange purchase of multiple places phone 01444 254780or email and mention the 'Headstar' promotion.

Payment options are: credit card, cheque or bank transfer. An invoice with your purchase order number can be arranged.

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