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E-Access 15

24th Feb 2015

Location: Government Conference Centre, 1 Victoria St, Westminster, London

Time: 09:15 - 16:45

The event covers a wide range of topics such as access to the internet by older people; tips for developing accessible websites, mobile devices, apps and e-books; digital public services for all; and much more.

The next event - our ninth - is being held on 24 February at the government conference centre at 1 Victoria Street, Westminster, thanks to support from the Department from Business, Information and Skills. It is co-hosted by Headstar, publishers of E-Access Bulletin, and the One Voice for Accessible ICT Coalition.

Our speakers this year include Amar Latif, a blind traveller, entrepreneur, TV actor and director. Amar is the founder and director of 'Traveleyes', the world's first commercial air tour operator to specialise in serving blind as well as sighted travellers. Other presenters include Dr Jonathan Hassell, former head of accessibility at the BBC; and Nick Freear from the Open University, an educational institute serving more disabled students than any other in Europe.

Prominent speakers in past years have included Hannah Cockroft, double gold medal winner in wheelchair sprint at London 2012; government ministers; BBC broadcasters Peter White and Geoff Adams-Spink; Simon Stevens, Disability Consultant and Campaigner and star of Channel 4 show 'I'm Spazticus'; Robert Wemyss, Head of Accessibility, Royal Mail Group; former Equality and Human Rights Commissioner Jean Irvine; academics such as E.A. Draffan, University of Southampton and Gill Whitney, Head of the Design for All Research Group, Middlesex University; and a host of other speakers from organisations including the European Commission; the World Wide Web Consrtium; and the British Standards Institution.

This year, our over-arching theme is Fair access to boost the digital economy: Levelling the playing field for education, skills, employment and healthcare in the 21st Century, to maximise productivity, business value and life chances.

The event will focus on the importance to the UK economy of ensuring all goods and services are as accessible as possible to people with disabilities, in three main fields: education; employment and skills' and health.

For more information and to book, please access the conference website

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