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Archive for February, 2007

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

So just what is a decorative image? It seems to me that one person’s eye candy is another person’s emotional link to a website.

For some, decorative images are those horizontal rules, bullets and other forms of minor clipart we find sprinkled around the web. For others, the term is wider ranging. It includes more content rich images such as photos and artwork.

So, you might ask, what’s the problem with this varied point of view? The answer is simple. Alt texts.


E-Learning Company Appeals Against Inaccessibility Ruling.

A landmark legal ruling on how UK anti-discrimination law applies to online content is in doubt after Project Management International (PMI), a professional body that offers membership through distance learning programmes, launched an appeal to overturn an earlier decision that it discriminated against a blind IT manager in the UK.

WAI has been an astounding success but. . .

WAI has been an astounding political success. It has become a monopoly accessibility brand in the United States, the European Union and many other countries; but with very few exceptions it is only nominally legal and nominally enforced.

Six years after WCAG 1.0 public sector compliance is modest and business sector compliance is nugatory. This is partly because it is in the nature of organisations facing competing pressures that they will only do what they have to, particularly for disabled people who are considered to be neither politically nor economically important.