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Archive for October, 2007

Vision-Impaired IT Worker Wins Discrimination Case.

A vision impaired IT professional has been has been awarded 12,000 Euros compensation by an industrial tribunal in Ireland after it was accepted that a recruitment process used by multinational company Siemens discriminated against job applicants with disabilities.


Accessibility Ultimatum Proposed for UK Government Websites.

Government websites may be stripped of their ‘’ domain names if they fail to meet tough new standards of accessibility to web users with disabilities, according to confidential draft proposals seen by E- Access Bulletin’s sister publication E-Government Bulletin.


Target Case in California hots up

California may require websites to provide access to visually impaired users under a ruling made in the long running case of the American National Federation of the Blind vs Target.

See the Techcrunch article here

Disability Advocates Gripe to FCC About iPhone

From PC World see:,137433-c,iphone/article.html

A group representing people with a hearing loss filed complaints with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last month, accusing Apple Inc. of not making its iPhone compatible with hearing aids.