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Archive for May, 2007

Making accessible software, rising to the challenging

Nice to see one or two reports of this event which we ran for 70 industry representatives making it into the Bloggosphere. You can get the guides for yourself in pdf, Word, or hardcopy (for free from our Website just search for Making software accessible, a guide for Schools, or Making accessible software, a guide for developers and providers. You can access the supplementary rresources which accompany the guides as follows:

Making software accessible a guide for Schools, resources, select the ‘accessibility and access to learning’ link.
and the Making accessible software, a guide for developers and providers resources. tell all your friends.

technology and reasonable adjustments, boundaries blur

Have just read this post on the case and comment on what might constitute a reasonable adjustment when a company offers both a highstreet and online service. The message that lawyers are shying away from bringing Web access cases under the ADA is worrying.

Web 1.0 – Lessons learnt?

Whether you think Web 2.0 is just marketing hyper-spin, or whether you believe it’s the latest web based revolution, one thing’s for sure: It’s having one hell of an effect on accessibility. The big question though, is whether we learnt our lesson with Web 1.0.