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Making accessible software, rising to the challenging

Nice to see one or two reports of this event which we ran for 70 industry representatives making it into the Bloggosphere. You can get the guides for yourself in pdf, Word, or hardcopy (for free from our Website just search for Making software accessible, a guide for Schools, or Making accessible software, a guide for developers and providers. You can access the supplementary rresources which accompany the guides as follows:

Making software accessible a guide for Schools, resources, select the ‘accessibility and access to learning’ link.
and the Making accessible software, a guide for developers and providers resources. tell all your friends.


  1. Dennis | May 28th, 2007 | 4:19 am

    For web accessibility, the text links in this post should be more descriptive. For example, you can change “this event” to “the ‘Making Software Accessible’ event”; change “our Website” to “Becta Publications website”. In addition, you can use title attributes in the anchor tags to enhance the descriptions. Also, you should not have the same text on one web page–you have two “resources” links pointing to different sites. I’d recommend making these text links more descriptive as well, or at least adding title attributes with more distinguishing information.

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