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Accessibility without the excessive price: affordable tech site launched

A new online resource has been launched to help people make informed choices about low-cost accessible technology.

The Affordable Access project (found at the following link: )
provides easy-to-understand information on a wide range of products and devices, all for under 250 Australian Dollars (equivalent to around £150 / 190 US Dollars). Technology covered on the site includes: tablet computers, smartphones, apps, desktop computers and TV streaming devices.

Affordable Access was launched by non-profit digital accessibility organisation Media Access Australia (found at the following link: )
in collaboration with the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network.

Four main areas of the site cover the following areas: common accessibility features; differing access needs and disabilities; information on available products; and a section for those with more advanced technological knowledge.

The section on common features includes a list of recommended accessibility software and apps (both built-in and third-party products) that work on different operating systems. This includes screen-readers, voice recognition software, magnifiers and Braille apps, all priced under $250.

Also included is a breakdown of accessibility features in different versions of Android and Windows, both chosen because of their pricing. The breakdown table also advises on how to enable these features and what kinds of users they will benefit.

While some specific information on Affordable Access is geared towards purchasing products in Australia, much of the content covers a wide range of globally available technologies. The advice and recommendations are applicable to anyone with an interest in accessible technology, particularly those who are new to the subject or unsure of what device will suit them.


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