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First Spanish Digital Library For Blind People

Here is a story on the first Spanish language digital book library that’s recently been launched. A great example of people “doing it themselves.” Should they have to though?

This is from the Inter Press Service News Agency website:

BUENOS AIRES, Mar 13 (IPS) – Armed with a computer and their passion for literature, a group of blind people in Argentina have created the first digital library for Spanish-speaking people who are visually impaired. It already has some 20,000 volumes and over 3,000 subscribers in 40 countries.

Tiflolibros, as it is named, was created in 1999. It first operated out of the home of its coordinators, a blind couple who wanted access to books via their computer. “The project grew, and so did their family, so we threw them out and kept their apartment,” Marta Traina, in charge of public relations, joked to IPS.


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