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New guidance helps recruiters dodge digital accessibility pitfalls

A guide on recruitment and digital accessibility has been released, aiming to help companies and organisations ensure that their digital resources are inclusive for all applicants when searching and applying for jobs.

The Accessible Recruitment Guide has been produced by Media Access Australia, a non-profit digital accessibility organisation. Designed primarily for HR staff, the guide aims to offer “real world guidance” on digital recruitment resources.

A ‘digital accessibility checklist’ in the guide suggests a number of areas to consider, which will benefit applicants with a wide range of impairments, including those who are blind or visually impaired, and those who are deaf. These areas include: accessible document templates; requesting knowledge of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 for roles involving content creation; advertising jobs through accessible websites, intranets and social media platforms; and providing an online audiovisual alternative to telephone interviews, such as Skype.

There are also tips on making recruitment videos accessible, such as adding captions and audio description.

To ensure that these measures are effective and that the recruitment process is a fully inclusive one, the guide suggests undertaking user-testing with users that have a disability.

The final section of the guide lists other useful tools for recruiters, including several Media Access Australia resources (guides on social media accessibility and accessible technology in the workplace) and a ‘colour contrast analyser’ from accessibility consultancy The Paciello Group.

Register to download the accessible recruitment guide at the Media Access Australia website: .


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