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BCAB Launch EyeT4All

The British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) have launched an initiative called EyeT4All. The revolutionary initiative brings easy to use, affordable access technology to visually impaired people around the UK.

The problem

It has long been argued that the cost of access technologies, such as screen readers, is too high. The benefits of using a computer if you are visually impaired are undeniable. Far greater access to information and services, but getting all the right equipment can be an expensive process.

In a market where a typical access technology can cost upwards of £500 and the majority of buyers are on low incomes, there is clearly something awry. The landscape is changing however. New products are coming on to the market which are more affordable and just as versatile.

The solution

BCAB launched the EyeT4All Project to introduce visually impaired people to some of these alternatives. The project takes the form of EyeT4All days, which encourage people to tackle a series of practical tasks, such as Compiling an email, writing a shopping list and listening to music.

The days are delivered by trained BCAB staff, all of whom are qualified under the BCAB Trainer Certification Scheme (BTCS). The days are hosted by regional societies and organisations for blind and partially sighted people and are free at the point of delivery.

BCAB understand the importance of access to computers and the Internet. The EyeT4All Project is a tremendous step towards breaking down some of the barriers people experience when taking their first steps in the digital world.


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