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Disabled music fans asked to get vocal about access barriers at live shows

A charity is asking people with disabilities to contribute to new online research about accessibility issues at live music events and nightclubs, and by acting as ‘mystery shoppers’ at gigs and events.

The research is being conducted by the Attitude is Everything charity, which works to make live events more accessible for people with disabilities. The charity is asking anyone with a visual or hearing impairment to complete a survey on ‘sensory impairment and live music’ on its website.

In the questionnaire, respondents are asked to describe any barriers they may have faced when trying to get their access needs fulfilled at music events. Respondents are also asked to record any good experiences they may have encountered.

The survey closes on October 31 and the Attitude is Everything website states that the results will “inform new guidance for the music industry on making their events as accessible as possible to people with hearing and visual impairments, and for people who use BSL.”

The charity is also asking for people with disabilities to act as ‘mystery shoppers’, to report on positive and negative experiences from live music shows, clubs and festivals. The mystery shopper project is described by Attitude is Everything as the ‘cornerstone’ of its work, as it allows for detailed feedback, which can then be passed on to some venues to make improvements.

The new research follows the publication of the charity’s ‘State of Access Report 2018’, released in April, which found that a large percentage of people with disabilities had been put off booking tickets to live music events or clubs or had felt discriminated against during the process, often due to inaccessible websites and online booking systems (Read more in e-Access Bulletin’s coverage of the report).

Find out more about the ‘Sensory Impairment and Live Music’ research and take the survey on the Attitude is Everything website

Anyone interested in becoming a mystery shopper for Attitude is Everything can find out more about the project and apply online at the charity’s website.


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