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Mobile Browsing Barriers Linked To Accessibility

Two new draft documents relating to accessibility and the future of the web have been published in the past month the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C –

The first, ‘Shared web experiences: barriers common to mobile device users and people with disabilities’, notes that many of the barriers faced by internet browsers on mobile devices are the same as those experienced by people with disabilities. The document provides examples of the barriers of access to web content for both sets of users (

The second draft forms part of a series of guidelines from the consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative, the ‘Accessible Rich Internet Applications suite’, covering accessibility of advanced website functionality for disabled users.

The draft provides an “abstract model” for accessible interfaces which can be used to improve the accessibility and interoperability of web content and applications (

W3C is the body which produces standards which govern the web, including the main international measures for accessibility, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. The consortium will now refine the new drafts before publication in their final version.


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