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More Workplace Assistance Needed With IT, Guide Warns

Employers should do more to help disabled people with their IT workplace needs, according to a new guide from the Employers’ Forum on Disability (EFD).

The ‘Reasonable adjustments – line manager guide’ ( )
advises employers to ensure they procure the correct equipment to ensure disabled workers can work to their full potential, including voice-activated software; adapted keyboards; and chairs which support the back and neck.

The guide includes example scenarios with solutions to common problems associated with disabilities in the workplace. One of the scenarios explores the difficulties that can occur from using IT equipment incorrectly including back and neck pain, and swollen wrists. Proposed solutions include an adaptor keyboard to place less strain on the user’s wrists, a mouse which does not need to be grasped tightly and a chair adapted to suit the sitter’s position.

Though focused on those with disabilities, the guide aims to maximise the potential of all employees, by increasing understanding of and adapting to the needs of disabled workers. It also sets out legal guidelines and helps employers identify what can and cannot be classed as a disability.

The EFD is a UK membership organisation helping businesses and companies to recruit disabled workers and providing services and products geared towards making the workplace more accessible.


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