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Free DAISY Book Recorder Software Upgraded

The latest version of an open source audio recording tool designed to allow anyone to produce DAISY format electronic books has been released by the global DAISY Consortium of blindness organisations, publishers, technology companies and others.

DAISY (digital accessible information system) books created with the Obi 1.2 software ( ) can contain chapters, sub-sections and pages, allowing users with print disabilities to easily navigate through the content. The Obi tool is also fully accessible to screen-readers.

Version 1.2 of the Obi tool features a number of improvements and upgrades for users, including an adaptation to work with Microsoft Windows 7. Users can now also manage large DAISY production projects more easily; and MP3 and WAV format audio files can now be imported into projects.

All DAISY content is produced to a standard ( ) developed by the DAISY Consortium, whose aim is to see all published information made readily available to people with print disabilities through digital talking books.


  1. David Bates | December 11th, 2010 | 11:57 am

    The article about the open source programme for turning text into a DAISY or mp3 file sounds very interesting. Could you publish the address of the website from which this programme can be downloaded?
    I tried the address given but this does not give this information.
    David Bates

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