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Dyslexia and the Civil Service

It is impossible to state a definitive number for the percentage of people who suffer from dyslexia because there is no single definition of dyslexia, delegates heard at this month’s conference on Dyslexia and the Civil Service.

BCAB Launch EyeT4All

The British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) have launched an initiative called EyeT4All. The revolutionary initiative brings easy to use, affordable access technology to visually impaired people around the UK.


Office 2007 – Interface Design Revolution?

Office 2007. Revolution in usability? Innovation in interface design? Hell no, not if you’re a screen reader user at least.

international computer camp for VI students in Finland

I’m off to ICC 2007 next week to run a couple of workshops and run a camp Blog, see my post to this effect over at my Blog and please follow the camp blog and comment too to let the students know you're out there.

e-learning accessibility apeal upholds in favour of Sam Latif

The appeal by PMI reported here in the posting E-Learning Company Appeals Against Inaccessibility Ruling.we have case law.

Making accessible software, rising to the challenging

Nice to see one or two reports of this event which we ran for 70 industry representatives making it into the Bloggosphere. You can get the guides for yourself in pdf, Word, or hardcopy (for free from our Website just search for Making software accessible, a guide for Schools, or Making accessible software, a guide for developers and providers. You can access the supplementary rresources which accompany the guides as follows:

Making software accessible a guide for Schools, resources, select the ‘accessibility and access to learning’ link.
and the Making accessible software, a guide for developers and providers resources. tell all your friends.

DRC to pilot use of WordBank

During May and June the DRC website will be piloting use of WordBank the innovative multimedia definitions library. WordBank definitions include Text, images and video animations to illustrate the meaning of complex words and are of particular value to those experiencing a learning disability. See the announcement of the DRC trial, more about WordBank and Links to some Sample definitions at

IBM to make streamed media more accessible

IBM have announced a Browser plug-in that will make embedded streamed media more accessible including facilitating stop/start/play, forward/rewind, variable speed, independant volume control, and optional described narrative (where appropriate meta data is available) where all this functionality is not accessible through the default interface used by the site and even where it is not available via the primary interface.


Experts To Provide Remote Help For Computer Users.

A low cost service to remotely evaluate the computing needs of disabled people is to be launched this week by AbilityNet, the UK computing charity for people with a disability.


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